And We’re Live!


“Magic in the Night”, my first ever officially published story, is now live at Enchanted Conversations! Go over here to read it (and if you feel inclined, tell me what you think).

When you’re done, go here to the table of contents to read the other submissions in the “Elves and the Shomaker” issue:

What happens when the solution to writer’s block may be worse for the writer? Can a worthless girl discover a talent she never expected? Why does an online store make sure all their hats are specially wrapped in a secret? And what is the price to be paid when elves have things stolen from them?…Plus three more tales where elves and shoemakers are not always what they seem. Enjoy!

It looks like a fantastic lineup of stories and poetry; there are some real gems there.

Life, the Universe, and My First Published Story – out there for all of you to read!

PS: Hmm, so I just realised that they didn’t publish the last few lines of the story as I had it submitted. I’ll let you know if or when it changes. EDIT: It’s fixed now – all good!

8 thoughts on “And We’re Live!”

    1. Thank you! Hopefully in not too long a time I’ll be all blasé about having a story published, because it happens so often… but for this one, I’m celebrating!

    1. Never mind children’s book – this is adult fairy tale nerds like myself who read this stuff. 🙂 But yes, there’s enough material in folklore to keep a writer busy for several lifetimes.

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