me10“AMO” means “I love” in Latin. It also happens to be the initials of my name, Angelika M. Offenwanger, which is why I took to using it as my internet handle around various places. Amo Vitam – I love life – is a statement of purpose. I do love life, quite a lot, even though sometimes I forget it in the midst of the heaviness which just being alive on this earth can engender. Life’s a funny old thing – there’s so much to laugh at, to cry about, to muse on, and to just enjoy.

In my off-screen life, I live in small-town Western Canada with my husband, daughter, three sons, two cats, a large number of dust bunnies, and of course my stuffed bear, Steve. I’ve been a nanny, a librarian, a homeschooler, a student, a soap maker, a painter, a potter, an editor, and of course the general-dog’s-body-chief-cook-and-bottle-washer that being a mom & homemaker entails (with the latter being the best, worst, most exhausting and most rewarding of all the roles I’ve fulfilled in my life). In between all of that, I got myself a couple of university degrees by distance ed, and in the process learned how to write.

And that’s what I’m doing now – writing. Blog posts, e-mails, short stories, the very occasional piece of poetry, and novels. I’ve been a voracious reader from the day I was six years old and first picked up Little Lord Fauntleroy, but I never thought I could be a writer myself, until the day in November 2011 when I sat down and typed out: “It was the blue pottery bowl that started it all.” Thirty days later, I had written a book, and to my great astonishment, not only did I like it, other people liked it too. It’s called Seventh SonSo it really was the blue bowl that started it all.

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  1. Heide Vernon

    Hi Amo, I enjoyed reading about you and your new book! Very inspiring and encouraging! And to think that you have written in a language other than your mother tongue is amazing! The only thing I missed is that you didn’t write anything about your German heritage. You don’t need to be proud of being German, but it does say a lot about who you are. I would be interested if you would write a blog about what it means to you to be a German in Canada … Looking forward to reading “Seventh Son” — Heide (Mechthild’s class sister.)


  2. What a lovely start indeed. So glad to have ‘met’ you when you popped by after Desi reblogged me. I look forward to reading much more of your work, going forward.


  3. Hey there, friend! I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a writing challenge. I thought you might find it fun.


  4. Hello there amp! I nominated you for a writing challenge, it seems that both kate and I had the same idea….http://zachchop.com/2015/06/11/allergic-to-e-challenge/


  5. Hi amo, I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Post A Quote Challenge. http://zachchop.com/2015/06/29/post-a-quote-challenge-day-2/


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  7. Jocelynn

    So what a delightful surprise is was to find out one of my lovely patrons is an author! I had no idea! I am going to request them.

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  8. I am so glad to have found your blog and I could jump for joy. I have found a home! I look forward to reading your book, Seventh Son.
    Like you, AMO, I have been many things, received several degrees later in life, have a husband and two grown daughters. I always wrote little poems, a few half-baked short stories, and have collected Cinderella memorabilia since childhood. I love fairy tales so much that I was given the nickname: Pollyanna and that sticks with me today. My first book was a fairy tale, sort of, titled: Delphi Altair, Strange Beginnings. It was meant to be a series, but I have diverged, just to see if I could write a paranormal book and another book that is a deadly serious mystery romance. I am now returning to my love of fairy tales, as soon has I finish my current book about a witch who is haunted by a ghost. Thank you so much, for just being here. Karen Anna

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  9. I love the story of your discovery that you are a writer. It must have been exciting.

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