Peace Angel

I wanted to use it for something special, the payment I got for my first published story. And I found the very thing at the local Christmas Art Show: a painting by my favourite artist, Eveline Wallace. It was priced exactly right.

The actual title of this piece is “Snow”, but I call it “Peace Angel”. (I told Eveline about it, and she approves.) He’s such a cool dude, that angel. So I wrote a poem about him, and here it is – my Christmas greeting to you.

Peace Angel

Eveline Wallace, “Snow”, 2017. Mixed Media, 6×12″.


Knobbly knees
A Georgian frock coat
Spiked hair like he is
From The Rise of the Guardians
And on his bent arm
The dove.

Snow whirls around him
As he says without words

That peace
Is not saccharine sweetness
Or fluffy emotion

But power,
Fierce courage,
And strength.


Wishing  you a wonderful and peaceful Christmas!


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12 responses to “Peace Angel

  1. Linda Claire Steager

    Congratulations on the published story. I know in theory one shouldn’t care about being published, it means a LOT. Good to be acknowledged. I love the angel too. I think the boots say “I’m tough and resilient.” Peace definitely is not wimpy.

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  2. A lovely poem. Congratulations!

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  3. Susan Whiting

    “But power, Fierce courage, And strength.” Beautiful.
    Merry Christmas, Amo.

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  4. Annette Welz

    Beautiful Peace right back at you. Annette

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  5. Congrats on being published!
    Love the painting and your poetic tribute to it. Peace Angel is a perfect name, with the Angel holding that dove.

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  6. “Power, fierce courage, and strength…” Beautiful! I like the painting. It looks very tall. 🙂

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