Enchanted Conversations Introducing… Yours Truly!

Meet Angelika (2)

Just look at this: “Meet Angelika – The EC Team”!

That’s right – I’m being interviewed over on Enchanted Conversations by way of an introduction as their new “Contributing Editor”. What that means is that a couple of times a month, I get to write a post for their blog (sneak preview: some of it will be fairy tale flash fiction, which are short pieces between 100 and 500 words long), and I even get paid for it!

So head on over to Enchanted Conversations and find out what’s my favourite fairy tale (okay, one of them – they made me restrict myself to a single one, cruel people), whether I work from an outline when I write, and other fascinating and earth-shattering information about Yours Truly that I know you’ve been lying awake at night wondering about.

Life, the Universe, and a New Endeavour! It’s all very exciting.

11 thoughts on “Enchanted Conversations Introducing… Yours Truly!”

  1. It’s funny, I just finished reading Patricia C Wrede’s “Snow White and Rose Red” this week and thought how I’d like to see that one adapted into more novels, and especially like to see one where Snow White is not presented as bland in comparison to Rose Red … maybe this should be one of your next projects! (And also, congratulations, but you already knew that)

  2. So pleased for You!! Will these stories appear on your blog or only on this website. (If that’s a silly question, sorry. Lol.) Can’t wait to see where you go from here! 😀

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