Dear Internet, It’s Not You, It’s Me

Then again, actually it is you. I can’t handle your constant demands on me any more; it’s stressing me out when you’re staring at me with that hurt look if I don’t show up exactly at the moment that you expect me to; the negativity that hangs around you is dragging me down. And the time – you want so much time from me!

So I think we need to take a step back, evaluate our relationship. I don’t mean exactly break up, but, you know, maybe just be friends for a while.

Take care of yourself, Internet, eh? I gotta go now, I’ve got stuff to do.


8 thoughts on “Dear Internet, It’s Not You, It’s Me”

  1. I’m with you, friend. Twitter is the worst offender for me–I’ve managed to get myself to the point where I only go on once in a while to see if everything is still awful, and then log out again when I see that yes, it’s still demanding I be outraged at EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME.

    And the time drain … oh yes. I’m working on that one as well. It’s getting better … but sloooowly.

    1. Yes. Exactly. I mean, there is also the aspect of connecting with friends – real friends, like you – which I wouldn’t want to miss for anything. But all that other drivel… I just don’t need it, and it doesn’t need me.

    1. Yes, indeed, they went well! I so loved London – wish we could have met (but then again, I had no time for even a fraction of the things I wanted to see, so…). Next time! Hope yours went well too. It’s good taking a step back from Cyberland and living in the real world for a spell, isn’t it…

      1. It certainly is 🙂 Although I’ve been writing a lot, so not so much of the real world there, either…
        Glad the trip went well, it was a shame we missed each other, but next time, definitely 🙂 And my holiday was fab! Seems like a long time ago now though…

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