This, That, and NaNoWriMo’s Over

I was going to write an erudite and contemplative post for you today. It was going to be all about why I do NaNoWriMo, even though every year I just about lose my marbles with the stress of trying to finish. Or maybe about some more editorial pontifications on Point of View and Tense (first or third? past or present?). Or about the wonders of community (which actually ties right in with point #1).

But I tried to write, and it just wasn’t coming out right – I was sounding way too preachy, or, conversely, too trite, even to my own ears. I think I might have used up most of my words on my story over the last 32 days.

So I thought, forget this nonsense; I’ll just show you a few pictures. You know, worth a thousand words, blah blah.

That’s what it looked like, my computer.
A marble that wasn’t lost.
Making tracks.
Louis watching his first snowfall.
Steve. And my tea.

Life, the Universe, and Five Thousand Words Worth of Pictures. Happy December!

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