Stuttgart: a Brief Photo Collage

I just spent another couple of weeks in Germany on a short family visit. Just to catch you up, here’s a few pictures of Stuttgart in February (mouse over the photos for captions, or click on one for a slide show):


5 thoughts on “Stuttgart: a Brief Photo Collage”

  1. Lovely photos! I am always delighted and pleasantly surprised by things people take photos of. In your case here, it’s a small grouping of ducks and flowers blooming among fallen leaves. There’s a story there, I’m certain of it.

    1. Oh yes. The flowers poking through the leaves in the cemetery were especially poignant. That cemetery in particular was just humming with stories.

  2. Lovely photos. The cake and hot chocolate makes me think of the Betsy-Tacy books when Betsy discovers the German tradition of afternoon coffee and cake and thinks it is the best habit ever!

    1. It is indeed. Makes it worthwhile baking cakes, because you can properly appreciate them when you’re not eating them on top of a big dinner. A good Kaffee & Kuchen (like for a holiday or birthday) usually involves at least three different kinds of cakes.

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