Once again, it’s peach season – my favourite season. Well, apart from Christmas. And spring. And early fall. And… Whatever, you get the drift. And as I was thinking about how much I love peach season, I was reminded of one of my earliest blog posts, from 2010. So I looked it up, and thought it might be worth reposting. Here it is, from 22. August 2010 (excuse the rough edges; it was early days in the blogosphere for me). The picture is brand-new, though, from just now. Aren’t they gorgeous?



On the third day, God created plants. And I’m quite sure that at the very end, when he’d made all the other stuff, he said “Now, for the crowning achievement: The Peach!” And he created it round and fuzzy, juicy, yellow-and-pink and delectably sweet. And God saw that it was good. And the evening and morning were the third day.

I didn’t make any canned peaches last year, so we were reduced to buying the ones from the grocery store. The kids weren’t impressed; it’s just not the same, they said. And they are right, of course. Now, the thing is that when I was a kid myself, back in Germany, tinned peaches were one of my favourite things, a high treat that we didn’t get very often (there’s a fun recipe called “Falsche Spiegeleier”, Fake Fried Eggs, with is half a canned peach in a flat dish with vanilla custard poured around it. It does look like a fried egg, and is quite a yummy dessert). I thought they were wonderful. But then that was before I came to Canada, and experienced the marvel of real, fully-ripe, still-warm-from-the-sun peaches picked right off the tree. In fact, perhaps it was the peaches that lured me over the Atlantic to permanently settle here? (No, don’t tell my husband. It had nothing to do with marrying him at all. I only married him for his guitar, anyway.)

One of the things I like best about summer is bringing home a box of peaches from the farmer’s market or the orchard down the street, and having them sit on the kitchen counter for a few days, getting ever more ripe and tender; and then, while leaning over to get something from one of the upper cupboards, getting a big nose-full of that incomparable scent of soft sweetness. It’s beyond me why the makers of fake foods think they can reproduce that aroma with “peach flavouring”. Hah! I scorn their attempts, I laugh in their faces – hahahah!

Now to put all that goodness into jars for winter, when the snow flies and the scent the house is filled with is cinnamon simmering in the potpourri burner on the windowsill.

Life, the universe, and Peach Season. I love it.

7 thoughts on “Peaches”

  1. We have a half-peck of peaches sitting on my mother-in-law’s dryer right now, ripening to perfection, just right to eat and have the juice drip down your chin and through your fingers, leaving you sticky and oh-so-satisfied.

    1. Aaaaaah… [rolls over in sheer bliss at the thought of it]. However — what’s half a peck? (I know about Peter Piper’s pickled peppers, of course, but am not clear on just how much that is…)

      1. 1 peck is, according to Merriam-Webster, a unit of capacity equal to 1/4 of a bushel. We see a lot of 1/2 pecks around here for peaches and apples.

          1. Yes, and what I discovered just now when I was looking it up is that in the US it is strictly dry volume, but in Britain can be used for dry or liquid. Fascinating!

  2. I love peaches! My mom and dad used to go into the Okanagan every year to get cherries and peaches. Then we’d spend days canning everything! I am going to try the peaches in custard. I used to like a ball of ice cream with canned peaches. Yum! Or blended up into a peach milkshake! Even better.

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