Friday Frivolities

Steve was complaining about not getting enough screen time lately. Also, about my terrible habit of procrastinating instead of writing. Well, I said to him, what do you want me to do – write, or put up a blog post with a picture of you? I can’t very well do both. He chose the latter. Which goes to show just how seriously I need to take him when he grumbles at me about my procrastination.

IMG_20150424_092134So here he is, looking dapper in front of my screen. Now that he gets double screen time – in front on my screen, and displayed on yours – hopefully that’ll keep him happy for a while. It’s really hard to write with those bearly grumbles coming from the corner of the room.

In other news, it’s a gloriously sunshiny spring day, which makes me feel happy. I know, you don’t really care – but I don’t really have much else to tell you today. Unless you want to hear about my frustration with the bank, who is making me go through an incredible rigmarole to get them to stop sending me paper statements for my line of credit? No, I didn’t think so. Sunshine and stuffed bears it is.

Life, the Universe, and Friday Frivolities. Have a lovely weekend!

2 thoughts on “Friday Frivolities”

  1. Yes, I was beginning to miss Steve, actually. It’s good to see him. It can’t all be about YOU, you know. 🙂

    I am in the middle of a grand bout of procrastination myself–stewing, avoiding, transferring energy, well, you know.

    I have a gripe though that I’d like to voice for the record. I LOVE Ketchup. It must be Heinz Ketchup. Now, they have low sugar Heinz Ketchup and they also have low sodium Heinz Ketchup. But they do not have Heinz Ketchup that is both low sugar AND low sodium. I am displeased with Heinz, and feel that a curt letter might be in order.

    Okay, on to another avoidance technique…

  2. Your complaint about Heinz Ketchup is duly noted. Although, it seems to me, low-sugar ketchup is somewhat of an oxymoron – like low-fat sour cream. I mean, which part of “cream”, as in, “milk FAT”, are they not understanding? Things to ponder in the night…

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