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Moving House

Welcome to the new home of AMO VITAM!

This is where Steve the Stuffed Bear and I present to the world our unique blend of drivel deep wisdom, random ramblings, the occasional bit of silliness, sometimes a recipe, and occasionally even something that could be construed as profound. So far, we’ve done all this over on a Blogger page, also named Amo Vitam, which is where you will continue to find all our posts from the last four years under its old address. (Have a look around, there’s some interesting stuff [even if we say so ourselves]; and then come back here so you don’t miss anything interesting).

Also on this page you will find, soon, an exciting announcement about a forthcoming event – but I’m not telling you what it is quite yet! Just a couple more weeks though.

And that, for today, is Life, the Universe, and a New Home for Amo Vitam. Glad to have you here!

Steve waving
Steve welcoming you to our new home