You Know You’re an Editor When…

…you’re trying to edit your dreams while you’re dreaming them. True story. Last night I was dreaming something about being in some woman’s house who didn’t like me (can’t remember why; I think I snuck into the house for some reason), and next thing you know, she was welcoming me and offering me something to eat. And I was thinking to myself, “That doesn’t make sense; it’s a character inconsistency! Better make a note of that.”


Maybe you need to send me your manuscripts to edit (more particulars are here: amo vitam editing), so I’ve got something better to do than to try to edit my dreams.

Life, the Universe, and Dream Edits.

3 thoughts on “You Know You’re an Editor When…”

  1. So…were you “dreaming” you snuck into the house of a woman who didn’t like you but offered you tea and cakes, or…you know…you did but didn’t know it… Lol!! Great post. I think I’ve had that experience too…not the sneaking in places which may or may not have been while you were dreaming (heehee), but just correcting things in my dreams. So funny. Maybe you just need another holiday. I’ll make you tea and cakes if you come back to the Island….but, I like you though, so does that still count?

    1. No, this was definitely a dream – because it went totally weird after a while, as dreams are wont to do. 🙂 But yes, I’d love to come to your house for tea & cakes, and I wouldn’t have to mentally edit the event because it would be entirely consistent with our friendship. 🙂

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