No, I’m not talking about the micro-blogging site (although you can find me on there now, too – follow me here). I’m talking about the racket the birds are making at the bird feeder. They are incredibly noisy. The sound of birds chirping isn’t exactly the auditory connection you make with the middle of winter, is it? Birds go with spring, 5:30 AM, sunrise, unable to sleep. Well, this morning (it’s a Saturday, so I got to sleep in) the sparrows, juncos and finches at the bird feeder were doing their best to get me up at about 8:00, not long after it got light.

Actually, no, they had no idea that this great lump of humanity who fills up the seeds in their buffet was trying to sleep just around the corner from Chez Birdy (Chez Oiseau?). They were just bickering over the food. It probably goes something like this: “Hey, move over! Hey, that was my seed! Hey, hey, you got three black sunflower seeds last time, hey, let me at it, it’s my turn now! Hey, out of the way! Hey, you got to mate with that pretty chick last season, at least you could let me at the millet! Hey, quit picking on me! Hey, I want those! Eeeep cheep cheep, movement at the window!” [Everyone flutters away.] “Hey, all clear now! Hey, let me have those! Hey, I saw that seed first! Hey…”

Here’s the bird feeder progression over the last month. From no snow and bitter cold, to a little snow, to a massive dump on Monday, to a thaw the last couple of days. As soon as there is any access to the feeder, the little chirpers are back again, and bickering. “Hey, that’s my seed! Hey, let me have that! Hey…”

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