Acts of Random Photography

Once again, my store of wit and erudition is a rather on the low side. So, without further ado, here are a few random pictures from my life over the last few days:

Pickled Beets and Quince Candy (aka Membrillo). Just when I thought I was done canning for this year, there were beets and quinces in the veg store. What was I supposed to do? They attacked me!
Logs by the roadside
Something that would like to become a log some decades in the future
I’ve taken to ingesting drugs. Yes, that’s coffee in that mug. The hard stuff. With caffeine and everything.
A Canada Post box looking decorative. They’re like that.

Seeing as a picture is worth a thousand words, that’s about 5k right there.

So that, for today, was Life, the Universe, and Random Acts of Photography. See you next time!