Project Unstick…


…has reached the kitchen food cupboards, forcing me to cook and eat four-year-old packets of chocolate pudding and five-year-old jars of home-canned pears. Can’t just throw it away, can I? (Well, yes, I can, and do, if it’s stale or otherwise unappetising, but this stuff still tastes good. Properly preserved food can actually last a remarkably long time. And I was raised by war-generation Germans who taught me that wasting food is a sin.) But I also don’t want to stick it back in the cupboard. So I still have a collection of food out on the counter that I’m going to either use up in the next few days or finally chuck out.

It’s actually not that big a collection, considering – especially compared to the vast total quantities of food that I had piled all over the counters. It reminded me of the Hungry Planet project, where researchers took photos in different countries of what one family eats in one week. My collection is several month’s worth of non-perishables, not just one week’s, but still, looking at it all made me feel very fortunate and thankful.


So I guess today I’ll be eating sushi (rice, seaweed, and a tube of wasabi all coming under the “past their best-by date” heading), and perhaps a pot of chicken noodle soup to get rid of that box of capellini noodles. If nothing else, this is making me eat something other than the same-old same-old.

Life, the Universe, and Everything in the Kitchen Cupboard. Project Unstick is having unforeseen side effects.

5 thoughts on “Project Unstick…”

  1. Good on you!! I’m actually relieved to see that your cupboard contents are a lot like mine. Lol. You know, to be completely honest, when I think my cupboards are empty and I need to go grocery shopping, if I unloaded my cupboards, I could probably keep Pete and I fed for a couple of weeks. We truly do live in the land of plenty and we truly are lucky. Tsk…now I have to clean out my kitchen cupboards too. You’ve started something…now you’ve done it. Lol.

  2. Looks like a worthwhile project! It’s definitely worth going through the cupboards periodically to clear out old stuff. My youngest son rather likes doing a pantry clearout. He also needs to do it on his bedroom, but sadly it’s not getting done!!

    1. The food cupboards probably get done more frequently than other places in the house, but this is the first time I’ve taken everything out at once – and it’s been really helpful. I’ll keep doing that with my other stuff.

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