Jane Austen Centre at Bath Unveils Wax Figure of Jane Austen

I just saw this when I found out about this new book, JANE AUSTEN COVER TO COVER (written by the owner of this blog). I like this wax figure, don’t you? Particularly put side-by-side with Anna Chancellor’s image.

2 thoughts on “Jane Austen Centre at Bath Unveils Wax Figure of Jane Austen”

    1. She’s definitely pretty, although I can see the point about the angularity. That’s “pretty” as we see it today; in her own time, prominent cheekbones would have been considered ugly. And in that drawing of Cassandra’s, which is the only real image of her we have, she’s got very round cheeks. But I really like how much she looks like Anna Chancellor. There’s no reason to suppose A.C. would be taking after that one particular great-great-great-whatever-aunt of hers, but it’s a fun comparison.
      The other thing is that she looks really young here – but I guess this is the Austen of NORTHANGER ABBEY, not the one of MANSFIELD PARK and PERSUASION.

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