Easter Eggs

IMG_20160328_102501Happy Easter Monday, to those of you who celebrate it (Germans, Canadians, Brits, Down-Under-ites?). Here’s Steve, being the Easter Bear, to add his good wishes.

Yes, we still have Easter eggs at our house, even though the Offspring are a few years past the Easter egg hunting stage. Much like I can’t imagine Christmas without cookies, I can’t have Easter without eggs. When we were kids, we always got some in our Easter baskets, or rather, we hunted for them in the garden. (One year, one got missed, and a friend of my brother’s found it months later in the juniper bushes beside the garage. I vaguely recall someone cracking it open; it wasn’t a pretty sight.)

Eggs were somewhat of a luxury item around our house; you got one boiled for breakfast maybe once or twice a week – one, mind you. And sometimes when you had a picnic lunch for a trip, there’d be a hard-boiled egg in it, which was always a treat. But on Easter, you got something like four or five of them, all to yourself. So very awesome.

Of course, there were chocolate and tiny sugar eggs and chocolate bunnies, too, and my grandmother sometimes got us these really elaborate caramel creations – like the hollow chocolate bunnies or lambs you can get, but made out of hard caramel (like Werther’s candies), with very intricate detailing. I recall one large Easter bunny, upright with a basket full of eggs on his back. In my memory, he’s really big, something like 8″ high, but he probably wasn’t – I was quite a bit smaller then myself, and you know how back then everything was so much bigger than it is now.

IMG_20160326_142855So yes, there was plenty of sugar to be had for my childhood Easter celebrations, but the real Easter eggs were still something special that I treasured. And so I still want Easter eggs to celebrate with, as well as chocolate and other sugar, so I always make a dozen or so. I also bake a sweet bread bunny each year now. That’s not something from my childhood, but a tradition I started when the Offspring were little. Maybe it’ll become part of their childhood memory – can’t have Easter without a baked Easter bunny?

Life, the Universe, and Easter Eggs. Have a Happy Eastertide!

6 thoughts on “Easter Eggs”

  1. I love your baked Easter Bunny!! So cool. Aren’t Easter traditions wonderful, and I think Easter is kind of an underappreciated holiday for kids especially when compared to the monolith that is Christmas. Even Hallowe’en beats it out. If we’re sharing memories, no, there were no eggs. You’re right, too expensive–unless you’re farm folk which we never were. So Easter chocolate it was. There was always a basket of sorts on the kitchen table in the morning with bunnies and candy eggs, and the hard icing decorations. You know your caramel bunny? I actually found one this year–a caramel filled chocolate bunny–an put it in Pete’s Easter basket this year. (Yes, everyone still gets Easter goodies at my house. It’s just now Matthew has to come over to get his and his wife’s goodies. Everyone deserves an Easter basket on Easter morning.) But what I really miss on Easter Sunday is sitting on the couch after breakfast in my Easter Sunday church dress and leotards with my chocolate treats. And always in the treats were chocolate eggs full of marshmallow. There are no marshmallow Easter eggs any more!! What is up with that? They were my favorite. Sigh. I think it would have been nice to have real eggs too. Imagine, all that chocolate was actually cheaper than a couple of dozen eggs. Ah memories.

    1. Yes, everyone gets treat baskets here still, too. The Offspring’s baskets are something like 15 years old, they come back out every Easter.
      Actually, my caramel bunnies were made all out of hard caramel – hollow caramel candies, no chocolate at all. But I love soft-caramel-filled chocolate, too; in fact, that’s probably my favourite candy bars (next to things like Lindors). Didn’t get any of those eggs this year – hmm, maybe the after-Easter sales?

  2. I love your sweet bread easter bunny – such a nice idea! And definitely a tradition in the making, I think 🙂
    We still have an egg hunt in our house, as the gorgeous girl still believes in the Easter Bunny. I’m enjoying it while I can.

    1. I never did believe in the Easter Bunny. I remember one Easter my grandmother (she of the caramel bunnies) telling us to go outside to look for eggs, because the Easter Bunny had been there, and I looked at her thinking “You don’t expect me to believe that, do you?” But we always thoroughly enjoyed the egg hunt anyway!

      1. I don’t remember believing particularly, either – the eggs I received at Easter were just from relatives. However it’s a huge thing in Australia and so I think that’s where her belief comes from. Never stopped me enjoying an egg hunt, either! 😀

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