Speaking of Beginnings…

I was thirteen when I first fell in love – with pottery, that is. I can still visualize the pottery studio in my high school where I learned to handbuild a wide, shallow bowl. This bowl:

Yes, I still have it. My first pottery piece – or maybe it was my second? Regardless, it’s been my regular, everyday fruit bowl for the last forty years.

Life, the Universe, and Beginnings. This was where the pottery started.

2 thoughts on “Speaking of Beginnings…”

  1. That bowl certainly has a history. If inanimate objects could talk, what takes would they tell?
    My first experience with pottery was also in high school. I had to almost beg to get in as I was in the”academic ” track. ” Was Germany more enlightened thinking children should get a more rounded education.I
    A friend and I were selected for after school art classes. My first clay sculpture was inspired by Henry Moore. As it wasn’t fired it dissolved in the first rain.

    1. It wasn’t exactly enlightenment in Germany per se, but that I was in a school that had a boarding school attached to it. So there were special offers of craft shops as after-school activities for the boarding students. There was also a woodworking shop, a greenhouse & gardener who grew veg for the boarding school’s dinners and gave gardening lessons to students, and I think an electronics workshop. It was pretty cool.

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