Check It Out: “Patrick’s Song” by Norm Strauss

For today’s Check It Out let’s mix things up a bit: instead of a book, I want to introduce a song to you. Reader, meet Song, Song, Reader. Oh, that didn’t do it? Well, how about this: Check It Out: “Patrick’s Song”, by Norm Strauss, from his new album The Color of Everything. It being St Patrick’s Day and all – the song tells his story. If you want to know what actually happened sixteen hundred years ago to make St Patrick who he was, give it a listen (and no, shamrocks, shillelaghs and leprechauns don’t come into it).

Go to the link, and click on the play button underneath the album cover; you get to listen to quite a sizable chunk of the song there. I highly recommend you spend the buck and download the full song [Addendum! See PS below!] – or better yet, spend the tenner and get the whole album. “Patrick’s Song” is only one of my favourites in the collection; for the others, it’s a toss-up between “Late Bloomer”, “Immigrant” (a song about a German immigrant coming to Canada in 1952 – a topic that is, as you can probably imagine, close to my heart), “The Roofer”, and the title song “The Color of Everything”. Norm’s songs always have a story behind them – if you click on “info” beside the blue download button, you can read the lyrics and find out the background of the songs.

Incidentally, yes, Norm is related to Lee Strauss, whose books I’ve advertised here before – they’ve been married for close on thirty years. So much awesome art in one family.

Life, the Universe, and “Patrick’s Song”. Happy St Pat’s!

PS: Oy!! Just after I first posted this I saw a post from Norm – the song is free today!! Go here and get your free download so you can enjoy the whole thing. How great is that?

3 thoughts on “Check It Out: “Patrick’s Song” by Norm Strauss”

  1. Never been much of a St Patty’s Day fan, though I wore the green button, or green somewhere on my body. Did you have this tradition in school, that if it was St Patty’s Day and someone wasn’t wearing green, you were supposed to pinch them? Thus, I always wore green on the day. Lol. Oh the finger violence of St Patty’s. 🙂 That said, there is the green beer though.

    1. Well, we certainly didn’t have that tradition in school, as Germans don’t know about St Patrick’s Day at all, let alone keep it.
      I guess the green violence is the revenge of the Catholic Irish against the Protestant Orangemen who repressed them so long. Or maybe the all-things-green on St Pat’s is a ploy by the food colouring industry? Regardless, Norm’s song has nothing to do with green, and the only violence in it is the historical kind that Patrick suffered (and survived).

      1. Oh yes, and the song…. Norm Strauss is a very folk-style singer-songwriter like Neil Young, Gordon Lightfoot, etc. Is that right? He has that “sound.” I thought his song lyrics are awesome!!

        So, they say of St Patrick that he banished all of the snakes from Ireland and to this day they have not returned. Your trivia for today. 🙂

        Norm is a supporter of IJM? They do an important work. The songwriter Brian Doerksen is also part of IJM. He wrote one of my favorite gospel songs “Refiner’s Fire.” It never ceases to amaze me how close and inter-connected the Christian community is. Someone always knows someone who knows a guy, who has a sister married to this guy, etc… 🙂

        Good tunes, A! Thanks for posting.

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