Short Stories

Here are some of the stories I’ve written over the last few years. I’ll keep adding to them as I go along.


“Platform 9 3/4”

A Harry Potter fan is bitterly disappointed when she doesn’t find any magic at London’s King’s Cross station – until she sees the red-haired young man…

A Harry Potter FanFiction story that won runner-up at WritersDomain Blog, July 2018.




a non-fiction piece that won runner-up in a travel-writing contest by WritersDomain Blog, June 2018


RedStoneBlackCrow-OFFENWANGER-ArtABergloff (2)

“Red Stone, Black Crow”

an original fairy tale in Enchanted Conversations‘ April 2018 issue, “Animal Tales”


What happens when you stake everything on one particular version of a fairy tale? Find out in “Hitting the Wall”, a tale inspired by “The Frog Prince”. On Enchanted Conversations, March 2018.


“Pennies Dropping”

a flash fiction retelling of “Star Taler”, in Enchanted Conversations Magazine, February 2018


“Magic in the Night”

a retelling of “The Elves and the Shoemaker”, in Enchanted Conversations Magazine,  December 2017

Fresh lavender

“Lavender’s Blue” – A Septimus Series Short Story

When Cat’s toddler goes missing from his bed during an afternoon nap, Cat has to draw on resources she did not know she had in order to find him.

(“Lavender’s Blue” falls between Cat and Mouse and Checkmate, but can be read on its own.)