Cat and Mouse

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Catriona hates mice—but not as much as Nicky does. And mice are what they have to deal with. Then there are the mysteries surrounding the boys…

It’s hard enough for Cat, an ordinary modern woman, to get used to living in a magical medieval world, even without having mice pop up at every turn. Good thing Cat isn’t as squeamish about rodents as her friend Nicky, who has her own issues to cope with back in the regular world. What does the strange rat-like man want with young Ben, Nicky’s ward? And just what is her relationship with her roommate Sepp turning into—quite aside from his odd stories about having come from another world?
Meanwhile, in Ruph, Cat wonders if the mouse plague has any connection with the new apprentice her husband has taken on, a boy who won’t speak and seems to be in the grip of a dark force.
What will it take for Cat and Nicky to find their way through the issues confronting them? And can they get the better of the mice?


Book Two of The Septimus Series, begun in SEVENTH SON.