#WordlessWednesday: #Socktober


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7 responses to “#WordlessWednesday: #Socktober

  1. Awesome!! Did you knit those cozy beauties?

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  2. I’m going to have to get your sock pattern after I finish my current pair–I like the way your heels look way better than mine!

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    • I’ll be happy to share! I believe that one is called a Dutch heel. I used to do a square heel, but I like the Dutch better; and now I’ve just learned the short-row heel which I think I might I like even better yet. Jury is still out on it.

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  3. Linda-Claire Steager

    I love those socks. They make my feet feel warm just looking at tem. I must attempt socks again. Is there a pattern I can look up. I’ll to check out Dutch heel.

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