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#FridayFragment: 21.09.2018

Papyrus text: fragment of Hippocratic oath: verso, showing oath. Via Wkimedia Commons.

Words. Words, words, words.

Hamlet and everything.

They just wouldn’t come today, those words. Not the right ones, anyway.

Oh, there were words alright – lots of words. Jumbling together in her head; crashing together like bumper cars at the fair; bubbling up like a screen saver and then floating around, changing colour, gently tapping against each other, jiggling around, vanishing with a swipe of the mouse.

But not the right ones, not the words she needed.


SEVENTH SON by Author A. M. Offenwanger

I just found this lovely review of SEVENTH SON! It’s so great when you find a reader likes your story and characters as much as you do yourself.

Pen & Paper

A. M. Offenwanger has written a magical fantasy that is a delight to read. I know when a book is really good and that is when I can remember with clarity the characters and the story weeks later. This tells me that the characters were memorable, likable, and the story interesting. Offenwanger’s writing is memorable, delightful and magical. The story involves a former Librarian, Cat, who is not happy with her life and decides to do some traveling with the money she has saved. She has been “dumped” by her boyfriend and life seems to be going nowhere for her. A lover of museums, Cat visits a museum of antiquities and admires several beautiful and strange appearing turquoise bowls, that apparently have a magical quality about them. Little did Cat know that these bowls would change her life beyond anything she could imagine.The world building is simple, but effective. I…

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#WordlessWednesday: Septembering


“Puss in Boots” by Lotte Reiniger

quill and qwerty

I just discovered one of my favourite fairy tales told by one of my favourite film makers, the amazing and talented Lotte Reiniger, who pioneered stop-motion silhouette animation in the early 20th century. Here it is: “Puss in Boots”, by Lotte Reiniger, 1954.

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#WordlessWednesday: Tower Beach, Vancouver

amovitam_tower beach vancouveramovitam_tower beach vancouver 2