#WordlessWednesday: A Year Ago Today

amovitam_Judd/Jenkins Hotel, Bloomsburyamovitam_Proper English Teaamovitam_Ritblat Gallery, British Libraryamovitam_National Gallery, Londonamovitam_Rokeby Venus, National Galleryamovitam_Trafalgar Squareamovitam_Wilberforce, National Portrait Galleryamovitam_Gordon Square, Bloomsbury

Author: quillandqwerty

writer, editor, maker of things

2 thoughts on “#WordlessWednesday: A Year Ago Today”

  1. What a wonderfully stimulating and uplifting trip that must have been. I’m currently staying with my son, his fiancee and baby in Vallejo. We pass homeless tent cities on the way to shop , see shopping carts laden with someone’ possessions. Smoke was awful on the drive down. Colt, 10 months old is beautiful and a real joy. Josh and I discovered a Terri source for sculpting and faux finish matrials. Bubbling in the back of my mind is a water dragon, or something similarger for our pond. Will clay hold up in freezing temps?

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