#WordlessWednesday: Project Unstick – Christies in a Row



27 June 2018 · 20:54

8 responses to “#WordlessWednesday: Project Unstick – Christies in a Row

  1. Have you read all of Agatha Christie? I didn’t take you for a murder mystery kinda reader. 😀 Surprising but cool.

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    • Yup, read ’em all, own most of ’em. Also Ngaio Marsh, Dorothy Sayers, Ellis Peters, Margery Allingham, Georgette Heyer… Golden Age English cosies – love ’em.

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      • I’ve never read Agatha Christie, but I think I might. I see them at the Sally-Ann all the time. I have a shameful secret…I used to love historical romances. The “bodice rippers”. Loved ’em. Lol. I haven’t read them in ages. But I think light, comfy reading like that is good for the mind–complete escapism. 🙂

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      • You’ve NEVER–READ–AGATHA–CHRISTIE??? Wow. You’re in for a treat, lady! 🙂 As for your “shameful secret”, go to the university library (aka Interlibrary Loan) and take out “Reading the Romance” by Janice Radway. Then you’ll have the academic clout to back up why it’s really a good thing for you to be reading these stories, should anybody look at you askance for it. I quoted Radway in my MA paper. 😀


  2. If anyone ever wondered why we are friends … (well, lots of reasons, but a shared taste in books is definitely one of them)

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  3. Linda Claire Steager

    I knew she was prolific, but this really gets the point across.

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