Messing Up

I just got a review of Cat and Mouse on Smashwords. So exciting, right? Wrong. What it said was, “It’s supposed to be Cat & Mouse, but it’s just another copy of Seventh Son.” Aaaaaargh!!!

So what happened was that back in July, I uploaded a “new file” to Smashwords (which sends the files to Kobo, Nook, iBooks, etc etc), which had a teaser for Checkmate in the back. But obviously, I grabbed the wrong file. So very embarrassing…

Needless to say, it’s fixed now, and I put a post on Twitter to that effect, to let people know. I guess there’s some advantage to the fact that I’ve not been getting much sales; there won’t be a lot of readers (other than the one who kindly pointed out the mistake) with the wrong file on their e-readers. But still, I feel terrible. I screwed up. I made a big, public mistake. I’m awful, I’m a failure…

I was just going to post another tweet to that effect, how bad I feel about having messed up. And then this popped up in my feed:

I mean – wow. Yes, yes, I get the message. Thank you, Jeff Goins.

Life, the Universe, and Messing Up. Looks like I am doing my work, indeed.


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12 responses to “Messing Up

  1. You’re not a failure and you’re not alone. I’m done that before too. Lot’s of overworked authors have.


  2. The bright side is Cat & Mouse is getting extra measures of exposure, and hopefully more sales will follow. Best of luck.

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  3. If I had a dollar for every time I messed up, I’d be a millionaire! Lol. All us writers are a bit “off” anyways, so ah well…

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  4. Oops! At least it’s not an arm or a leg, and no one’s died! x

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  5. Oh, I saw this when you tweeted it – I can just imagine how horrified you were, it’s an indie’s worst nightmare. But we are none of us perfect – nice of the Universe to send you a little message of cheer 🙂 Glad it’s all fixed now x

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