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The Price of Love

IMG_20160730_145258700_HDROur darling Johnny, Tri-Pawed, Long John Charcoal, Twitticus, Fuzzy, Silly-Cat died last night. He got sick sometime Sunday night, just kept getting worse and worse. We took him to the vet, who suspected FIP (a fatal cat virus) and did blood tests to that effect; but it turned out not to be that, so today she was going to do an ultrasound to see what it might be. But he just quietly slipped away sometime in the night.
In a sense, I’m glad it’s over – these last few days have been stressful, to say the least. Because, you see, we loved that cat. He was really special. It might sound like playing favourites, but – okay, it’s playing favourites. Cats are not children, who depend on your love for their wellbeing, so I don’t feel a smidgen of guilt for loving one special cat more than, perhaps, another.
And it really is that, love, I mean. Johnny was a wonderful cat – affectionate, cute, funny, a little silly, quite vocal (purr, rumble, chirp, coo, squeak, purrrrr…), and all around great to have as a part of our family. We’re so glad we brought him home from the SPCA, that October day four years ago (you can read that story here). Having him around has given us so much pleasure, so much love.
And the price for that is the pain of having to say goodbye. The more you love, the more it hurts to let go. But it’s worth it – loving is worth every single tear it costs.
So, early this morning, as the sun rose over the hills, I put Johnny in a box and ran my hands one more time over his thick, velvety black fur.
Goodbye, darling Johnny. I’m so very grateful for the love we got to experience because of you.



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Wordless Wednesday: Coffee Creek

Coffee Creek


3 August 2016 · 11:36

They’re at the Library!

Look at what my good friend and fellow author Lee Strauss posted this morning on Facebook: She got my books from the library!!! Isn’t that exciting? Now I’m a real author (because, Library!).

Loralee & books

And here they are in the library’s catalogue. Impressive, eh?

books at library

It quite tickles my fancy to see them catalogued like that, with proper Library of Congress subject headings (Magic — Fiction; Fantasy fiction) and call number (F&SF OFF). See?

books at library 1

Incidentally, it really helps an author out to get their books into libraries. Most libraries have a “Suggestion for Purchase” feature, where you can tell them what books you’d like to see on the shelves (and usually, you’ll be the first one to get a copy to read once it comes in). So if your library hasn’t got the Septimus Books yet – what are you waiting for? Ask for them! 🙂

Life, the Universe, and the Septimus Books at the Library. Cat would heartily approve.


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