Underrated Books

My awesome friend E. L. Bates just included SEVENTH SON on a list that also has books by Susan Cooper and Lloyd Alexander on it. Pardon me if I’m strutting around with a bit of a swelled head right now. Great book recommendations here – check it out! (Incidentally, if I was writing a list like this, E. L. Bates’ books would definitely be on it. Take a look.)

StarDance Press

I saw this theme floating around today, and I was intrigued. The stated limit is “books with under 2,000 ratings on Goodreads,” and I cheated a little by including one with 2,039 ratings. I was pleased to see how many of my favorite books were not as underrated as I always suspected–Emily of Deep Valley, for example, had too many ratings to make it onto the list, as did several of Lloyd Alexander’s books. I still managed to find ten, though, and probably could have kept going did not supper interrupt!

Seaward, Susan Cooper. I love The Dark is Rising series, but this book of hers is little known, and deserves better. It is haunting and mysterious, hope-filled with a hint of terror behind it, and it’s the sort of book that stays with you for days afterward. Lovely, lovely writing. More people should read it.

The Rope Trick

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