New Release – Hills And Valleys (Ambeth Chronicles #3)

Drumroll…. The great Helen Jones has published her third book! I’m off to Amazon to get my copy.

Helen Glynn Jones


Yay! I’ve been a bit busy these past few weeks working on the final edit and formatting for Hills and Valleys, the third book in my Ambeth series. And now I can happily say…. drum roll… it’s published!

Available on Amazon and part of KDP Select (so you can read for free as a Kindle Unlimited member), Hills And Valleys continues Alma’s story:

‘Sometimes things call to us until we can no longer ignore them. And Ambeth is calling you, Alma.’

After the events of the Harvest Fair, Alma is finished with Ambeth – they can find the missing Cup and Crown without her. But Ambeth is not finished with her. First the mystery of her dead father comes back to haunt her, then the Dark reach out, hoping to trap her once more.

And then there’s the strange power she seems to have…

If you’ve been reading along…

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3 thoughts on “New Release – Hills And Valleys (Ambeth Chronicles #3)”

      1. Yay! Thank you so much – I hope you enjoy them both 🙂
        I have Septimus 1 on my Kindle but have been too flat out to read this last little while – now my TBR pile is beckoning… 🙂

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