Travel Reads


IMG_20160303_092225Greetings from Frankfurt Airport. I’m on my way back from a Blitzvisit to the Fatherland for a family birthday.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I suffer from a condition called Büchermangelangst, a phobia of a lack of books. It’s chronic and incurable, and can only be alleviated by carrying an adequate supply of reading material. So I bought myself a couple of new ones; one of them is a murder mystery set at the Frankfurt airport. Should be good motivation to get out of here.

See you soon!


Author: quillandqwerty

writer, editor, maker of things

2 thoughts on “Travel Reads”

  1. Safe travels, A. Watch out for shifty looking fellas in grey macintosh raincoats at the airport. If anyone gives you a statue of a falcon tell them to go away. Cuz these things can happen… 😜

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