CHECKMATE has a Due Date!


We have a due date! One for the newest book baby. No, it’s not a due-back-at-the-library date, it’s the day Checkmate is going to be officially released: February 19th!

That’s not much more than a week away. Are you excited? Yes, you are, very excited indeed. Because you can’t wait to read about the further adventures of Cat, Guy, and Bibby (who’s now called Bina, seeing as she’s no longer a little kid – if you haven’t yet read “Lavender’s Blue”, go over here to find out about it). And there’s this new kid, Rhitha – what’s going on with her and her family? Why is her sister being so mean to her? You’ll find out soon…

So mark it on your calendar: next week Friday you can go online and get your very own copy of Checkmate. Or, even better, you could hop over to Amazon or Smashwords right now and pre-order the ebook, then you’ll get it delivered the moment it’s released!

Just nine more days!

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4 thoughts on “CHECKMATE has a Due Date!”

  1. Should I put in my order now? I will put an envelope in the mail to you as soon as I get home. 😀 And do you have Lavender Blue in a hard copy also. Let me know how much please for the two. Thank you!!!

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    1. There’s no rush – I don’t even have hardcopies in hand yet (hoping to get some by the release date). I don’t have Lavender’s Blue in hardcopy, but I can print you one! 🙂 (It’s only eight pages.) But as soon as I get the hardcopies, one of them has your name on it!

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  2. Like I said in my email, I can’t wait to read the finished version of this! The only downside to being a beta reader is that you are even more impatient to see the complete version out in the world than an ordinary fan, because you KNOW how good it’s going to be. Yippee for book releases!

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    1. True, true! And you can’t wait to be able to share it with your friends, so you can talk about it with someone other than the author. Speaking of which – I have to toot the horn for your *From the Shadows* some more… 🙂


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