Hanging Out My Shingle, or: A New Endeavour

It’s a new(ish) year, and time for a new endeavour. Remember I told you a few weeks ago that I was cooking up something new? Well, here it is: I’m hanging out my shingle as an editor. That’s right, I’m joining the ranks of the professional nitpickers. I aim to occupy myself with such questions as whether it’s “endeavour” or “endeavor” – or perhaps even “Endeavour” (which depends on whether it’s British, American, or the title of the TV series).

For now, I’m starting small, with copy editing and beta reading. The latter is really a form of content or structural editing, letting the author know what I think of their piece as a whole, as a reader. Copy editing means the nitty-gritty of mechanics – spelling, punctuation, grammar, word choice – and as such can even go into the realm of stylistic editing (smoothing language, clarifying meaning, making things sound better). All of which has the purpose not to tear down a work, but to make good writing even better.

It’s just a little scary to hoist my flag and announce to the world that I’m now available to take apart your writing (that’s “take apart”, not “take a part” – although, of course, by taking it apart I’m also taking a part in it). But, well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. And as I wrote on my brand-new editing page (that tab up on top of this page), helping a good story take shape and get ready to go out into the world to meet its readers is a tremendously rewarding thing for me.

So there it is: amo vitam Editing Services. I’m excited, and a bit nervous, and on the one hand kind of unsure of what I’m doing, but on the other quite certain that working with writing is what I want to do and that (not to boast or anything) I’m actually quite good at it.

Life, the Universe, and a New Shingle Hung Out. Do me a favour and pass the word?


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9 thoughts on “Hanging Out My Shingle, or: A New Endeavour”

    1. Thanks for the good wishes!
      I started thinking of being an editor when I was beta-reading for writer friends and realised that a) I enjoy helping stories get better, and b) I’m good at it. Couple that with c) the fact that I’m a natural speller (it’s not something I can take credit for; my mind just works that way) and d) a fresh-baked grad school degree in lit studies – editing seems the most logical career choice!

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      1. I love that you have decided to pursue your career after you have obtained experience and education in the field. I think editing is one of the most important parts to the writing process, which makes a good editor worth their weight in gold. Seeing that anyone can call themselves an editor, I think that you are far ahead of others who you would be competing against for clients.

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      2. Yes – of course, I get my own books edited, too, and I learned so much from my editor, it was another push in that direction!


      1. Correction, make that “love” working on your books. No past tense about it. When’s the next one coming? 🙂


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