I was all upset this morning about having my walk ruined. The person who owns the property at the end of the road, where the pavement ends, completely blocked off access to the forest road where I like to go to the lookout. I think there’s new owners on that property; the previous owners put a big gate across the road to stop vehicles, but still allowed locals to skirt around the edge of the gate so they could go for a walk. This morning, there are bars nailed across the side of the gate. No Trespassing, Private Property.

I was so pissed off I cried. Just when I was starting to develop a habit of going for a walk in the mornings (I desperately need the exercise)… I even called the town hall to see if there was maybe some rule about public right of way to get to crown land, something that would force those curmudgeonly curmudgeons  to let me walk across their driveway and up the hill to where you get that stunning view right over the lake. But no such luck – private property is private property.

IMG_20150729_112224I almost posted a snarky status on Facebook about it, complaining about this mean-spirited injustice that was done to me. Almost, but not quite.

And then I was browsing my Facebook feed, and all of a sudden perspective struck me a blow right across the face. You see, I read a post by the husband of a friend who died of cancer just a few months ago. And as I was reading his outpouring of pain, of how desperately he misses his wife, of his struggles in being both father and mother to their children, of the gaping, aching hole that her death left behind – my own irritation and disappointment shrunk down to its proper size.

IMG_20150729_112153Yes, I’m sad about my cut-off walk. But it’s such a small issue in comparison. So not a big deal. This upset that filled my whole vision an hour ago all of a sudden has become a small dot on the radar screen of reality. Yes, the irritation remains (and I still hope that the property owner can be induced to let us neighbours walk through once in a while). But really, it matters so little.

Life, the Universe, and a Reality Check. I’m thankful I had my perspective adjusted.

Author: quillandqwerty

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6 thoughts on “Perspective”

  1. Definitely important to keep things in perspective. Lady at work today, brought in her pants that had messed up hems from someone who claimed to be a professional dressmaker. She said she lost sleep over it last night. Really? If that’s the biggest thing you have to worry about, you’re doing okay!

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  2. You’re right. Perspective is always healthy. But, you’re allowed to have your “hrumph!” moments too. Lol. So…why not ask if the path to the lookout might still be used by immediate neighbors? You could introduce yourself, maybe. A different perspective might be that the new owners are really nice people who don’t know the significance of the path. At least you’d know, right? I dunno…just thinking out loud. 🙂

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    1. Yeah. I’m not going to tell myself that I don’t care (I’m done with denying feelings). But in the large scheme of things, it’s so small, you know? I’m going to see if I can talk to them, but it might just not happen (it’s actually not a developed property, just some RVs parked there for the summer, so there’s no doorbell to ring or anything).

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      1. Really? That seems kinda crappy…just an RV there. Hardly worth all the “Get Lost!” signs. Yeah, you’re right though. It isn’t a “big thing” compared to the destruction of the rain forest, but it still sucks. I’d try knocking on the door. The worst case, they’ll say “NO! Go away!” But really, who does that to their new neighbor just there to welcome them to the neighborhood? Maybe with some home baked cookies? Lol.

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      2. Well, as it turns out, I talked to the lady on the property next to this one, and it’s still the same owner. The bars are to keep the quads and dirt bikes out, not walkers. I still want to talk to the guy himself, but it might be okay to crawl through the branches of the little tree next to the gate and walk up there after all. Hurrah for actual information!

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