Ocean Soul

ocean (6)ocean (2)I’m an ocean soul. At least once a year, I need to get myself down to the sea and stick my feet into the water. Yes, I live by a lake (several, in fact), and yes, it’s incredibly beautiful and I’m fully appreciative of that fact. But there is something about the ocean that lakes don’t have to offer – something about the salt water, the tang of sea air in the wind, the raucous screech of the seagulls, the tides rolling in and out over shells and sea weed and little tide pools, the driftwood logs and rocks and sand – something that feeds my soul. I’ve had some of my best moments of insight, of personal clarity, when I’m walking along the shore, wading through sea water, the gentle surf breaking over my feet. I don’t know why, but there seems to be a connection between sea water, my feet, and the well-being centre of my brain (maybe a reflexologist would have something to say about that – minerals absorbing through the bottom of the feet and triggering useful thoughts? Uh, yeah, whatever).

ocean (3)ocean (7)The coast is about five hours’ drive away from where I live, and I’m fortunate enough to have family there on whom I can drop in whenever I like. So this weekend, I did just that – I took a spontaneous mini-holiday. I’d hoped to get some time to do a bunch of writing – work on the next book – but that didn’t materialise. Instead, I went shopping, did a bunch of visiting, experienced an orthodox church service (never been to one of those before – it was beautiful), and today, had my trip to the ocean beach. Steve came along (see pictures), and I stuck my feet in the water, walked over the ebb sands, let the mud squash up between my toes, picked up a pretty shell and dropped it again, picked up another and set it sailing on the water, sat on the sun-warmed sand leaning on a driftwood log and drew a picture of a seagull (the darn thing wouldn’t sit still), let the wind blow me about (it was almost cold – bliss!), and all around got my fill of the pleasure that being by the ocean is for me. And yes – once again, I have greater clarity of what my life is, and where I am meant to go; for the next little while, at least. I let the ocean wash over my toes and over my soul, and I feel better for it.

ocean (5) ocean (1)Life, the Universe, and an Ocean Soul. I will be back again – soon.

ocean (4)

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5 thoughts on “Ocean Soul”

  1. I live only a few miles from the Jersey Shore, and this summer, I have taken to going for evening strolls by the beach on off days when thousands of tourists aren’t there. The feeling of the ocean lapping against my feet is incredibly centering. I love when the wave washes over you and pulls back, and you feel your body pull slightly with the tide.

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  2. Lovely. So glad you got to do that! Living ten minutes from the seashore is spoiling us; we don’t take it for granted yet, but we do sometimes neglect to go simply because it is so close and so ordinary.

    Although the little swimming pond we’ve been frequenting lately is also lovely. I love the serenity of a tree-surrounded calm body of water. The ocean invigorates me, the lake brings me peace. And mountains make me feel whole!

    Glad your ocean-soul got some filling up. 🙂

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  3. Love that you can take a mini break and run to the ocean for the place you find solace. I get that 100%. Do the little things that make the solace round and sweet. You sketch, and squelch mud between you toes, and imagine shells as little boats. I usually get a latte and visit the stone of old buildings…

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