Random Imagery

Apologies for the Funkstille (radio silence) over the last week or so. I’ll spare you the excuses; suffice to say they involve busyness, weather, not-feeling-well, editing work (yes, Checkmate is being beaten into shape, and will be coming to an online bookseller near you! Soon. Well, soon-ishly. I’ll let you know.) and stuff like that.

I was going to write an erudite post about Story, and narrative structure, and why I don’t like it when silly, fun movies use Queen Elizabeth or Queen Victoria as one of the characters. But then I got busy cooking lasagne for dinner (I make it in the slowcooker – another post for another day), and the writing inspiration leaked out of my ears, so QE and QV will have to wait. Besides, I want to get back to reading the mystery novel I’m into (P. D. James, Death in Holy Orders. Yet another post: why, oh why did she have to write a sequel to Pride and Prejudice, when she’s such a good writer in her own right? However).

sweetpeaAnyway, just so’s not to leave you hanging for too long without any effusions from amo vitam, here is some random imagery for you. One a  sweet pea flower that’s blooming in the box on my balcony; the other a very random bit of magnetic, umm, poetry (for lack of a better term), which has its own, uh, imagery. And a magnetic ladybug.

magnetic poetry 2015 (2)And here’s a commentary on the previous one. Just sayin’.

magnetic poetry 2015 (1)Life, the Universe, and Random Imagery. Until further ramblings!

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2 thoughts on “Random Imagery”

  1. Sorry you’ve not been feeling well! Hope things are looking up now.

    I have such a hard time with PD James. On the one hand, she IS a brilliant writer. On the other, I usually come away from her books feeling really gloomy. So I tend not to read her a lot. I did read Death Comes to Pemberley, though, and … yeah. The prologue was my favorite part.

    Excited that Checkmate is coming along! Can’t wait to read the finished product.


    1. Yes, P. D. James is rather gloomy. Or gritty, as I call it. I can only take so much of hers, which is why I haven’t devoured her books the way I’ve done with other mystery writers – I’ve had this one sitting on my shelf for quite some time. But boy, is she ever a good writer… I’m taking mental notes of the way she uses similes to set a tone or a character’s voice. Like one scene in which she describes a characters internal dialogue about her father, and says that the walls of his house are painted a dull red “the colour of raw meat”. Absolutely no need to tell you what the character is feeling about the man…


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