Real Life Takes Precedence

Apologies for the blogging silence over the last couple of weeks. I’ve been busy with real life –  house guests, to be precise – and, well, real life takes precedence over cyber effusions. Or at least it ought to.

And Steve hasn’t stepped up to the plate with a blog post either; his excuse is that it’s hard to type when you’ve only got paws with no fingers. Whatever, says I.

But just so you don’t get bored while you wait for our next effusion of erudition, here’s a picture from yesterday’s outing: a historic railway line that has been converted into a hiking/biking trail. This is one of the trestle bridges.


Life, the Universe, and the Precedence of Real Life. See you next week!

Author: quillandqwerty

writer, editor, maker of things

4 thoughts on “Real Life Takes Precedence”

  1. No problems whatsoever. But tell that Steve to knock it off already because no one wants to hear his flimsy excuses! ;P

    Love the trestle. When I lived in Victoria, I was close enough to either walk or ride my bike to work. Down a breezy tree covered path by the gorge, and across a trestle that is now solely reserved for foot traffic. Always such a a lovely walk, and just one more thing I miss about Victoria…sigh.

    Enjoy walking your trestle. Hand in hand with a Peter is nice too. 🙂

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      1. Umm, yeah. That was Steve hijacking the keyboard (and my account) to demonstrate his ineptitude at typing. That was meant to say “hi, this is steve. i really can’t type, see?” I think he made his point.

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